Resources for Worship Planning

1. Music

Our Seminary Musician, Michael Morgan, and our CTS Worship Life Intern and Choir Director, Alexandra Mauney, are glad to assist with music choices.  These musicians, as well as other CTS musicians, are colleagues in ministry with expertise on which you are encouraged to draw. Please respect music colleagues by consulting them well in advance, thus allowing time for them to find suitable resources, rehearse, and practice. Please consult directly with Michael Morgan about your musical selections at least a week in advance. If you do not need his consultation or accompaniment, please indicate this on your Worship Support Form.  

2. Instrumental Music:

Our ongoing instrumental resources are organ and piano. Other instrumental and vocal resources are often available. CTS has many students, staff, and faculty with gifts in drama, singing, dance, visual arts, and instrumental music. Talk to Michael Morgan, Seminary Musician, or Alexandra Mauney, CTS Worship Life Intern and Choir Director, and consult the master list of CTS Gifts and Talents.

3. Congregational Singing:

CTS uses three main sources of congregational song: Glory to God (GTG), the African-American Heritage Hymnal (AAHH), and the bilingual Korean-American Hymnal, Come Let Us Worship!

GTG and AAHH are in both chapels. Other hymn and song books can be found in the CTS Library; there is a special section in the library with worship resources available for worship planners.  When selecting music for a service, keep in mind what hymns and songs have already been sung. You are encouraged not to choose only your favorite songs but also to look at a number of different resources when planning. Remember to keep in mind not only the texts of the day but also the ability of the CTS community to sing particular hymns or songs. This means that if you choose a song that is unfamiliar to most people in the chapel, it may be good to follow it with one that will be familiar or easily learned.

The worship leader is responsible for obtaining copyright clearance for music and including full citations for other printed materials. On copyrights, see Part Five, below.

4. Prayers, Litanies, and Liturgical Texts

The John Bulow Campbell library keeps a wonderful collection of hymnals, songbooks, prayer and worship books, art, and other worship resources. A short list of some frequently used resources is available in the library. You are encouraged to peruse these resources and to request a brief tour of these resources for a small group or class. A small selection of resources will also be kept in the Worship Resource Room next to the chapel. If there are important resources the CTS library does not have, please contact Associate Dean for Worship Life and/or the Worship and Spiritual Life Coordinator.

 5. Media

Should you need additional equipment or are using pre-recorded audio or presenting with the projector (i.e. CD / MP3 player / PowerPoint, etc.) please contact Media Services several days prior to your chapel week so they can arrange with you to meet ahead of time to ensure the equipment is working correctly with your media. All chapel services are recorded to disk. Any leader or group may request a copy; there may be some cost involved. Student-led services are kept and available for one year. Students are encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity to observe their leadership and to reflect on the services they have planned.

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