Personal Assistant

Seeking personal assistant for 85 year old former diplomat, author, marine pilot Jay Taylor. Jay lives on Kirk Road across from Columbia Seminary. The ideal person would be interested in current affairs and foreign policy.  Jay is working on several projects and needs support from a personal assistant in the following areas:

Computer/internet/digital device support
•    Jay is serviced by Geek Squad for major problems but seeks additional support for daily/weekly technology snafus. 

•    Correspondence – professional and personal
•    Proof reading
•    Travel planning
•    Research

•    Errands
•    Driving
•    Light housekeeping and maintenance (ie make the bed, fill the bird feeders)

•    Initiative and follow through
•    Does not require task level direction
•    Communication and organization skills
•    Technology oriented
•    Detail oriented
•    Curious, good listener, patient, warm