Located in a very progressive & gentrified urban community with amazing potential, our church is looking for a minister who is gifted in facilitating change and leading a new congregation.  Charming historic church in Locust Point, Maryland has been tenderly maintained and is ripe for rebirth.  Candidate must have skills to identify the spiritual needs of our local young professional residents and the leadership ability to build and grow our contemporary worship.  This job is perfect for a visionary who strives to be creative and possesses the personality to roll-up their sleeves!  Housing is included - our parsonage is 1 block from the church.  

Our church is going through a transition, much the same as our community.  UnderArmour's headquarters surround our campus on 3 sides.  Job opportunities are abundant for young professionals who are encouraged by UnderArmour to live locally and take advantage of walking to local restaurants, bars & retail.  Our church is ready to be led into a change that will provide these new residents with spiritual fulfillment and social opportunities.  We are currently a small group who love our church and work hard to serve our community and our Lord!  Prefer to have an ordained minister whose strengths lie in building & creating.  Must have strong leadership skills and have the ability to live in the community in order to network with the 1,000s of new residents moving into Locust Point as homes and high-rises are being built. 

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