Director of Community Engagement

The Neighborhood Partners LLC in Washington, D.C. is searching for a Director of Community Engagement who will be involved with all community-related activities at neighborhoods with more than 3,000 units managed by Neighborhood Partners throughout the country. The focus of the Director will be to focus on supporting and ensuring the engagement of our community members at all locations. The Director will do this with the support and understanding of our existing community coordinators who know the families well. The Director will be responsible for helping to ensure such engagement and to support efforts by residents to provide resources to their community. In addition, to the extent there are services that are needed or already being provided by others in the community, the Director will assess those in collaboration with residents and the community coordinators to understand how Neighborhood Partners can support these efforts. Locations include the Washington, DC area, Baltimore, MD, Pittsburgh, PA, Bradenton, FL and Wilmington, NC and Louisville, KY. This position is based in the Washington, DC office and will involve about 20% travel. For more information about Neighborhood Partners LLC visit

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