Associate Pastor for Discipleship

The Associate Pastor for Discipleship at Fox Valley Presbyterian Church, a 600 member congregation in the Chicago suburbs, provides leadership for adult ministries of mission, education, spiritual growth and nurture, and outreach. This position has been vacant for about 4 years while other searches were conducted, and in that time the congregation established a new multi-track adult education hour on Sunday mornings, covenanted with 3 communities in Guatemala to provide clean water through Living Waters for the World, and supported members as they have initiated and led interest-driven small groups. The congregation is active and ready to keep growing in breadth and depth with an associate pastor to lead the way. A focus on evangelism and outreach in our immediate neighborhood will help us live into our vision of a congregation that loves, grows, and serves together.

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Contact: Joanne Dempsey at (630) 4431548 or