Hands and Feet Intern

Hands and Feet Interns will lead groups visiting The Center for mission experiences. Ahead of groups' arrival, they will join the Executive Director and Program Coordinator in collaborative ministry, planning materials for worship, devotions and reflections, and evening programs. They will lead groups as they serve in the community, serve as a bridge between the visiting group and the local partner organization, and co-teach programs and bible studies that encourage participants to engage more deeply with the realities they encounter in the neighborhood where they're serving. 

Interns will spend time meeting with congregational and nonprofit partners in the presbytery, and will support the neighborhood ministries of our local partner congregations. They will also assist with various administrative tasks as needed.

In addition, there may be opportunities for the Interns to represent the Stated Clerk of the General Assembly in promoting the Hands and Feet Initiative.

Contact: Kate Foster Connors at (443) 670-6995 or kfosterconnors@baltimorepresbytery.org

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