Lead Instigator/Networker (Director of GatherX)

GatherX is a new, inclusive Christian community that is being launched in downtown Madison, Wisconsin. Its mission is to connect young adults (~age 23-30), especially those who have often been marginalized by the traditional church, to deep relationships and facilitate collaboration in the pursuit of God’s justice, beauty, creation, and reconciliation. The community seeks to craft spaces to reveal and network people’s gifts to ignite transformative change in ourselves and the world. We trust the Holy Spirit will continually inspire new connections, ideas, and possibilities as we seek to live faithfully by the teachings of Jesus. GatherX is supported by people and organizations affiliated with the Presbyterian Church, USA and is rooted in a progressive, Reformed theology that affirms Black Lives Matter, the wonderful gifts of LGBT people, and shared leadership among all. Now accepting applications; first round of reviews by search committee on June 25th. The search will continue until positions are filled; please submit your materials as soon as possible. Start date in August/September 2018.

For more information and to apply, go here.