Pastor of Next Generation Ministries

Saxe Gotha Presbyterian Church, Lexington, SC, is seeking a pastor of next generation ministries.  This person will report to the senior pastor.  A strong commitment to Jesus Christ and a mature and growing faith are crucial.  Knowledge of the Bible along with the ability to affirm the essential tenets of the ECO are required.  Energy, creativity and enthusiasm for this work are necessary.  

This is a salaried position with benefits. The execution of normal duties and responsibilities will require 40 hours or more per week.  The high visibility and the number of opportunities to interact with church members and staff require professional standards of behavior.  The dress code for most days will be business casual. Personal, private and confidential information must be handled with great care and discretion.  Coordination and collaboration will be expected in all areas of work.  Information about the church and the position can be found here.

Minimum Qualifications:
Education: Bachelor’s Degree plus additional related training
Experience: Two or more years in directly related ministry work

Please send resumes via email or postal to:
SGPC Pastor Nominating Committee Chairperson
5503 Sunset Blvd.Lexington, SC 29072