Associate Youth Pastor

Dorchester Presbyterian Church of Summersville, SC is returning to the model of an ordained, full-time Pastor to lead and organize the youth ministry. The scaffolding of the ministry is strong, however, this person would be able to devote the time to bring it to another level with more in-depth discussions and experiences through research and multimedia tools. Having a second pastor will allow our current pastor more time to devote to other responsibilities. This position will also give us the opportunity to enhance our worship experience with a second voice and potentially add an additional Sunday service. With the guidance of two pastors we aspire to be more of a member-led congregation. This would inspire us to achieve our mission goals and other dreams of adding additional retreats, bible studies, prayer groups, etc. We have a history of long-term pastoral leadership: our desire is to call a candidate who sees youth ministry as a career.

Contact Doug Richardson; 843-224-7288