Associate Pastor

First Presbyterian Church of Huntsville, AL is actively seeking an Associate Pastor. We seek an individual who loves God and loves people - both young and old. Our next Associate Pastor must have the heart of a servant leader: an individual with the courage to tackle the largest of projects and the humility to perform the smallest of tasks. This individual also should have an engaging and energetic personality and should continuously strive to create an atmosphere that encourages learning, fellowship, stewardship and engagement. We seek a teacher and a student, a speaker and a listener, a leader and a follower.

Ideal characteristics include: enthusiasm, organization, flexibility, cooperation, confidence, positivity, and compassion. Although preaching will be infrequent (approximately 6 - 12 times a year), strong preaching and speaking skills are necessary. Prior experience equipping and managing staff, and leading and organizing congregants is preferred, but not required.

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