Seminary Residency/Year-Long Internship

Summary: The position has three integrated primary threads aligned with our vision statement:

Vocational Discipleship help people discern what Jesus is calling them to in the present season of life and discover what it means to fulfill that calling through experimentation, practice, and coaching so “it may be on earth as it is in heaven.”

Community Facilitation handle the logistics of time, place and event which convenes, encourages, equips and unleashes industry people to be in fruitful relationships with one another and with people in other communities outside of their day-to-day world. Serve as a catalyst for relationships that might not otherwise form between people of different generations, socio-economic status, language & ethnicity, churches, companies, non-profits and the like.

Industrial Chaplaincy be present and available to people in the tech and research industries they work in as a listening ear, compassionate presence and discerning counselor. This includes empathy through being present in-situation when possible, along with an awareness of the spiritual, emotional, and physical job-hazards that naturally come with each person’s role and industry to help people live present and rooted in their identity in Christ in the work place

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