Associate Pastor of Campus Ministry

First Presbyterian Church in Tuscaloosa, Alabama seeks a full-time Associate Pastor of Campus Ministry. The APCM will lead Bama UKirk, a community that gathers regularly for worship, fellowship, service, meals, study, recreation and fun. They will represent FPC to the students of The University of Alabama and be the intermediary between Bama UKirk and the church congregation. The congregation of FPC is committed to supporting a ministry presence at UA, while encouraging students to engage in the life, work and worship of our congregation. A demonstration of that commitment is UPerk, the coffee shop FPC built which serves as a hub for campus ministry and community engagement. We want to meet students where they are, encourage them in life, and help them grow in faith while also making a difference in our community and beyond. Also, open to considering a candidate on an interim basis for the '19-'20 school year.

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