The practice of discernment provides a foundation upon which we begin to engage the practical job search skills necessary in seeking a call.  In addition to the job postings which congregations and organizations have submitted to our office, spend some time exploring the job search tools and websites below.

job search tools

Vocation to Job Search - Slideshow Presentation 

Resume and Cover Letter Writing

222 Powerful Action Words to Use in Resume

Resume Power Words

The Ultimate Resume Writing Tips

Writing Your Resume: The One Word to Keep in Mind

Essential Tools of the Job Search: Bullets

Essential Tools of the Job Search:  Elevator Speech

Essential Tools of the Job Search: Resume

Transferable Ministry Skills

Translating Ministry Skills into Alternative Professions

Translating Graduate Study for Resume

Resume Samples

How to Write a Cover Letter: 31 Tips You Need to Know

How to Write a Follow-Up Email That's Not Annoying

Interviewing Skills

Personal Preparation:

Start with Why, Simon Sinek

Ways to Have a Better Conversation

Adaptations of 1 to 1s

Community Organizer Interview Questions

Interview Tips and Traps:

Ask the Matriarch. It’s Graduation and Time for Interviews

Ten Things Never to do in an Interview

Interview Tips

Interview Traps and How to Avoid them 

Potential Interview Questions:

Ten Interview Questions Designed to Trick You

Nine Interview Questions You Need to be Asking

Interview Questions Every Employee Should Ask

Questions and Tips

Potential Interview Questions

Pastoral Search Manual - Salem Presbytery (Includes potential questions)


Know Your Why, Michael Jr.

Advice on how to meet people and grow your network, by Jeff Hilimire

Collecting dots vs Connecting dots, by Jeff Hilimire

Community Organizer Interview Questions

Networking in Three Words or Less, by Kathy Sturgis, Ph.D.

never eat alone, by Keith Ferrazzi (book)

One-to-One "Relational Meetings" and Six Practical Applications